KSTT Reunions


January 16, 2016 – Mini Reunion in Gold Canyon, AZ officially becomes an annual event! Same group/same old stories, sharper picture than last year! Highlights: Clark Anthony brought self-baked oatmeal cookies, Bobby Rich took a long nap, Peter and Jacque served a fine meal with a confusing assortment of plates and bowls, Jim Orr stayed awake almost the whole time, Bill Vancil wanted to tell a hilarious kidney stone story but there wasn’t time. Jacque Cook made a valiant effort to spark the party with trivia but failed, when Bobby woke up from his nap he rang a bell to let everyone know, party ran two hours late because of discussion of whether there should ever be another reunion and if so, in what remote place.


(back) Clark Anthony Burlingame, Bobby Rich, Dan Olson, Jim (Jeff Blake) Orr.
(front) Co-Host Jacque Cook, Kaye Burlingame, Bill Vancil, Bridget Olson, Karen Orr.
(not pictured) Co-Host, Chef and Photographer Peter Cook

January, 2015 – 
Mini KSTT-reunion in Gold Canyon, AZ. Attending were: Jim Orr, Dan Olson, Jacque Cook, Bobby Rich, Kaye & Clark Anthony, Bill Vancil



Spring, 2015 – Another KSTT mini-reunion in Sarasota, FL. Attended by Karen & Jim Orr, Carole & Jerry Reid, Morry & Joan Alter. Jim Orr (also known as Jeff Blake) was in sales and news, both Jerry and Morry are former news directors.

August, 2005 – More than 60 KSTT Alumni, spouses, and guests attended a reunion in Davenport, IA. Attendees came from all over the country to share stories, and fond memories.